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Gamify Your Life: A Guide to Incentivizing Everything
Cleaning the bathroom is 15 red points. Otherwise I would never do it. This is the plan to gamify my life, to relate everything I do to a point-based game. It's a self-designed system that operates along a daily exchange of productivity and reward.
We Don't Want Everything For Free. We Just Want Everything
Semi-related, I took an informal poll of how many would prefer to read a book on paper vs. an e-reader. The vast majority said paper, but what they really seemed to want was dual formats: paper copies to read comfortably and collect, and digital copies to ...
Apple to reward employees with massive discount on products
Employees ... discount and new credit. Whether you hate Apple or not, $250 for the MBA is an extremely good deal. The new credit comes with a few caveats, says 9to5, which are you must be working for Apple for three months to use the credit and you can ...
Cleantech: Bad Incentives For Green Choices
We will never get to a pricing system that exactly reflects all the negative and positive externalities that ... subsidies from the federal government, paid for through income taxes and other revenue sources that do not impact the price of electricity.
Best travel reward credit cards
(The industry standard is 100 reward ... and other Star Alliance flights. (Users earn the industry standard of one point per dollar on everything else.) The standard rule of thumb is that a round-trip flight within the U.S. costs roughly 25,000 points.
Purdue trustees reward Daniels
Trustees unanimously voted Friday to reward Purdue University President ... the full amount he could get through the incentive payment plan outlined in his contract. “Mitch, we appreciate everything you’re doing,” said outgoing trustee chairman ...